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Because alopecia and other related hair loss conditions affect over 1000,000 people in the UK, we raise awareness and offer free support and advice.

Our Mission Since . 2018

We've already made a huge difference reaching more than 20 million people worldwide #alopeciaisfashion

As a non-profit organization, we seek to make the voices of those suffering from alopecia, cancer-related hair loss, and hair thinning heard through positive representation, campaigns, and stimulating their mental and physical wellbeing through arts and cultural programs, thereby enhancing their self-esteem and enabling them to reach their goals.

Alopecia, dating and perceptions workshops

Be part of our community and find out what we're campaigning for nationwide and the people we help!

Why? Because hair, or the lack of it, heals!


As a National Lottery Community Fund grant recipient, we are very proud to announce the support and funding we have continued to receive for our projects.


Join our committee as an ambassador and contribute to the success of our organisation. Contact us for an application pack and an interview on Zoom. E-mail info@hairheals.org.uk for details.

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Alopecia Magazine

COVID19 and alopecia mental health wellbeing

Hair Heals Organisation

Alopecia mental health and wellbeing workshops

Hair Heals Organisation

Alopecia Magazine Project

Hair Heals Organisation

Arts Activities: Alopecia Photography Exhibitions

Hair Heals Organisation

Alopecia Is Fashion Campaign

Alopecia Mental Health Support

Alopecia Mental Health Support

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Our most impactful campaigns are those that champion the cause of people with alopecia and improve their recognition and perception.To achieve better results for our campaigns, we often partner with other charities, partners, press and individuals. Campaign with us to build a better future!
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Partnering with others leads to better results. Our goal is to provide highly effective services to alopecia sufferers and their families in partnership with other organisations.
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