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Alopecia Magazine

Emotional Listening, Coaching & Mental Health

Hair Heals Organisation CIC
Talking helps heal; People of all ages can benefit from hearing people's experiences, coaching, being listened to, and seeking health and human services information and referrals through our mental health programs, where we prioritize confidence building and emotional support. As beneficiaries journey through life, we enable, equip, and empower them to gain skills through talking.

Creative Arts & Media Awareness Campaigns

Hair Heals Organisation CIC
Our focus on creative arts and media projects ensures that people with alopecia can reach their full potential through arts participation at the earliest possible stage. As a result of media coverage, arts and culture, we help those with alopecia and their communities become more visible and confident in using the arts as a form of expression.
Alopecia Is Fashion

Alopecia & Mental Health Newsletter and Website

Hair Heals Organisation
Our magazine and newsletter are published with funding support, and are aimed at increasing positive visibility, raising awareness, addressing mental health issues related to alopecia, and serving as a resource for those seeking assistance. Sign up above to receive our monthly e-newsletter and occasional emails about events, campaigns and volunteering opportunities.

Events , Education & Workshops

Hair Heals Organisation
Through workshops, collaborative engagements, exhibitions, and social media, we aim to educate the public about alopecia. We rely on volunteers and funders to plan and implement events and workshops that educate people about alopecia and bring them together. Using video conferences, digital inclusion, and campaign projects, we help those with alopecia and visible differences have their say.