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Hair Heals Organisation
It's our mission to raise awareness and get people's attention about alopecia.

It's our mission to raise awareness and get people's attention about alopecia.

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Our mission is to raise awareness and improve visibility of alopecia and those with all forms of hair loss by providing support services, campaigns, the arts and media to inspire change for people living with alopecia areata and all other hair loss conditions, now and in the future. In addition to enhancing self-esteem, self-confidence, and sense of community, we aim to increase the capacity of those living with alopecia areata to manage the various aspects of living with the condition through arts and creative campaigns, media, and events where they can meet others who are living with the condition and educate those without the condition.
Meet Our Staff & Board Members

Meet Our Staff & Board Members

OUR Founder, Claire namukolo.
Claire founded Hair Heals Organisation CIC after sharing her personal experience with traction alopecia, and postpartum hair loss while raising awareness for men's hair loss. An events director, copywriter, publisher, and digital marketing specialist, Claire also uses her Humanities & Social Sciences academic qualifications to offer confidential mental health support and coaching.

Jean Hollis: Jean is an inspirational woman who won her cancer battle, a retired HR specialist with business expertise and an avid traveler. She joined our board as a volunteer and has continued to contribute to our organisation on an advisory level.

Claire Namukolo: As well as being a passionate advocate of alopecia visibility, Claire is an events director, copywriter, publisher, and digital marketing specialist. Additionally, Claire uses her academic qualification in Humanities & Social Sciences to provide confidential confidence building, mental health support and coaching for Hair Heals Organisation.

Hair Heals Organisation requires applicants to commit to a two-year position as a non-executive volunteer ambassador before being approved to join our board of directors. Continue reading to learn more about this position.

To become a board member of Hair Heals Organisation, applicants must commit to two years as a non-executive volunteer ambassador. Volunteer ambassadors help to raise awareness of our work by contributing as writers for alopecia magazine, attending events to talk about our alopecia awareness projects and encouraging others to participate in fundraising activities. In addition to helping us reach new people, volunteer ambassadors inspire new fundraising activities, campaigns and help us thank our supporters for everything they do.

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